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A Joyful Noise 2018


1. Intro
2. Good Morning
3. Never Ever
4. I Wonder
5. You Know Me
6. Hold On Tight
7. This Little Light
8. Marching On
9. Social Media
10. Games
11. Payday
12. I Remember
13. Keep Rocking
14. Laid Back
15. Smooth
16. Verify
17. Not Fair
18. Angel
19. Winter
20. A Night on the Town
21. New York
22. Beg Fi Yuh
23. Runaway


Love never felt so good (Michael Jackson) 2015


Dance the night away (NEW 2012)


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Im untouchable

Hold me down

Get u down                                        Get u down(high quality)

Love again(low, Click and play)           Love again(High, right-click save to play)      

Saturday Night

Now that you're gone (Cancelled)

Crab Walk(low Quality)                      Crab walk(High Quality)

Loose rap


Gun/knife crime in london

Interview 2008


MTV Cribs

Diary of..... (Comming September)