1st Album (Just Crusing) 2000

1. Intro                                      

2.Happy                                        8.How could you cheat

3.Touch my girl                              9.Skit

4.Whatever                                   10.Dreams

5.You know                                  11.Sad

6.Summertime                               12.Dreams

7.Just Crusing                               14.Outtro


2nd Album (Summertime) 2002


1.Intro                                           8.Sorry

2. And another one                        9.Scary tune

3.I found you                                   10.This is my life

4.Move your body                         11.Whatcha gonna do

5.Friday (ft.Missy elliot)                 12.Respect

6.History                                       13.What should i do

7.Reload                                       14.Weak

                                                     15.Friday (Remix)


3rd Album (Growing up) 2003

1. Intro                            7. Can't belive

2. Growing up                  8. Help

3. Bass                             9. Just fine

4. Used to say                 10. I wonder

5. Money                        11. Rewind

6. Dont know                  12. Everything


4th Album (Truth) 2005


1.When im gone              4.Rest In Peace (accapella)

2.Rest In Peace               5.Untouchable (accapella)


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