Verse 1

Ever since i saw you that time,

i cant get you off of my mind,

your so diffrent your one of a kind,

im so glad that you are mine.

And you can have anything you want from me,

this is the happiest that i think ive ever been,

were made for each other and everybody can see,

when were together we make each other happy.



When i see you, you make me smile,

girl i love your moves and your style,

i just have to stare for a while,

you make me smile.


Verse 2

Girl you put a smile on my face,

your so special you cant be replaced,

you have such amazing taste,

in my heart you have a special place.

And in the next years i promise that i will show,

how much i love you and that it will never go,

in the future, what it brings i dont know,

we'll just sit back and watch are love grow.