In love

Verse 1

Everytime i sit and think of you,

i just think about what i wanna do,

from the very first day, i just knew,

that i wanted to spend my life with you.

And every minute that we spend apart,

believe me it virtually breaks my heart,

i couldn't imagine living very far,

cause i've been attatched to you from the start.



I think that i'm in love, because i must be in love (X2)

Verse 2

Step by step i grow affection,

with you in my life i feel perfection,

you can count on me i'll be your protection,

it's amazing how we've made this connection.

And i love looking at your beautiful eyes,

sometimes it feels like i'm hypnotized,

no betrayal, pain or any lies,

and everything will always be nice.


Chorus X2

Bridge 1 (X2)

Because baby, i' m attached to you,

i'm in love with you,

without you what would i do?


Bridge 2 (X2)

Sit down relax and rest your feet,

listen to the song and hear the beat,

imagine sunbathing on the beach,

hear the waves crashing at the sea.


Chorus (X4)