Yeah, this is how we do,

summer 2007,

up in the hills of streatham!


Verse 1 

Im just sitting down chilling on a sunday afternoon,

outside on the block listening to tunes.

Same ol, same ol aint nothing really new,

got my Ipod and a glass of kool-aid too.

This is what i do when the sun comes out to shine,

nothing else to do but sit and waste time.

Made all my money see that lexus it is mine,

going through life leaving problems all behind.


Anything i want in life i get for sure,

and i dont even have to go behind the law.

Ive loved making music from the age of only four,

but little did i know it would stop me being poor.

Anything i want in life i can get,

i aint gonna lie it costed blood and sweat.

All my friends i used to have i still kept,

just sitting down reminiscing on these steps.



Its summer and the sun is blasing real hot,

everbodys chilling out taking off thier tops,

waters sold out in every corner shop,

this great weather i dont want it to stop.



Verse 2

Relaxing kicking back under a tree,

got my sunshades and a tub of vanilla ice cream.

Life is so good that i think its a dream,

ive gotten so far and im only 18.

I feel sorry for those that are in thier car,

there's so much traffic that they aint gonna get far.

Everybody's lieing down in the park,

and nobody's moving until it gets dark.


I wish more often it would be this nice,

sitting down with kool-aid filed up with ice.

Later im sitting here with curry-goat and rice,

then im gonna sit here and rest my eyes.

Everyones enjoing life like they should,

if i could stop time belive me i would.

The kids are playing nicely, the youths are being good,

why the weather changes i never understood.


Chorus X4