Hold me down

Verse 1

I set my self certain goals i can reach,

i learn from anything that life might teach,

i believe in open minds and free speech,

i'm not trying to be your dad or to preach.

I can honestly say i worked hard for what i got,

and ill never let anyone try to make me stop,

college, work i do the whole lot,

can anyone hold me down? i think not.



I ain't gonna stop what im doing,

at least i wont stop for now,

nothing that you can say to me,

can no-one hold me down.


Verse 2

You know that i always have my head clear,

i ignore anything that i dont wanna hear,

i'll tell everyone what i have to share,

and if anyone disses me i dont care,

im just going to aim for the sky,

and make sure my expectations are high,

if i dont succeed again i will try,

but theres nothing anyone can say to make me cry.