Finally im happy, im free


Verse 1

I finally feel that i have no stress,

all my troubles are gone now i can rest.

I feel so light that i can fly,

souring real high, up in the sky.

Now i feel like i can breathe,

no more problems surrounding me.

The sight of earth is heavenly,

but at least i know that i am free.



I've passed away but i am free,

no trouble can get me cause i am free,

i do miss my life but now im free,

it's my time to rest now i can sleep


Verse 2

Life was good but more things made me frown,

my life was always upside-down.

I was always quiet never made a sound,

i kinda wished that i was loud.

But remember now that im happy,

things were cloudy, but now i see.

I still miss all my family,

but at least i know that i a free.


Chorus X4