Dance for me

Verse 1

Stepped in the club and im looking all fly,

the music is banging the moods alright,

now which girls gonna catch both my eyes,

i need a girl with ass and thighs,

whats your name girl why you all alone,

sitting here by yourself playing on your  phone,

why look moody why you look so low ,

come on dance with me dont let me dance on my own.



I just want you to dance for me, dance for me,

so i see how you move, how you groove honey,

why you over there sitting down acting all shy,

i just want you to dance for me just tonight.


Verse 2

So how about it girl you gonna dance with me,

or you gonna sit by yourself and look loney,

im not asking much i dont want a kidney,

all i want is for you to dance with me,

you know that im already looking the best,

my style and my moves man no-one can test,

my clothes all neat and my kanerows fresh,

so come on babe no need to fret.