Verse 1

Everytime i buy a South London Press,

i just know inside there's another youth dead,

Even though i don't know them or thier family,

i can feel thier parents pain going through me.

I don't know how they can take a young person's life,

it's dreadful that they don't even reach 25.

I still ask my self how could they be so cold?

killing them and leaving them to die in the road.



I can't wait to see some changes,

when things get better in all of these places,

when smiles start to show on peoples faces,

if we look out for each other we'll show these small kids, (that)

everybody only gets one life,

so fix yourself up, sit down and be wise,

what will it take to open your eyes,

we fall down but we get up and we retry.


Verse 2

How many youths have gotta get killed?

before you realise this ain't got no point but still,

dozens of  youths are still getting killed every year,

and murderer's walk around and smile they don't care.

Murders been commited on these south london streets,

and the murderers most of them are still walking free,

there's always "people" that were there on the day,

but when you ask around "people" ain't got shit to say.


Chorus X2