Save me


Verse 1

Girl i need you to be with me,

my heart is on hold baby set me free.

Living without you is not easy,

sorry if i'm sounding a bit cheesy.

But i feel that i have to let you know,

that when i'm around you i start to glow.

Nobody can make me feel like you do,

which is why i wanna spend my life with you.



Save me from being alone,

come turn my house into a home,

please teach me how to love again,

now i wanna be more than just friends.

Save me from being lonely,

how to smile girl can you show me.

cause it's been a while since i've felt,

that deep in love where your heart melts.


Verse 2

I believe that you are the one,

you're everything i need you're warm like the sun.

To have you on my arm will make me proud,

cause being with you keeps me high in the clouds.

So listen up girl when i'm talking boo,

believe i don't want nobody but you.

So come on girl let's start a family,

i'm done being single so come and save me.





You're voice is so heavenly,

we've got so much chemistry,

you've got so much energy,

and this is why i want you with me.


Chorus X2