Im Back



I tried to stay away, but i love music wayyy too much,

i'm sorry but, i'm back.


Verse 1

It's that time, the time to make another great CD,

better than the last, as great as it can be.

No studio or other crap, record label contract,

just to make a good track, nah mi nuh inna dat!

I tried to stay away but look now im here,

improving my skills every year by year.

For all of them haters, i just don't care,

cause the one that hate ain't got nothing to share.


I ain't tryna be no famous rapper,

and i ain't gonna be singing on X-factor.

I'm not gonna be on tracks with the stars,

so don't either bother looking for my name on the charts.

You can hate on my tracks, yeah be a hater,

but i'll keep coming back, call me terminator.

So i'll keep writing lines, and as long as it rhymes,

and the moral is defined, i'm not wasting my time.



I'm back i'm back i'm back making music,

i'm back i'm back i'm back so let's do this.

New track new track new track i produced it,

cause i'm back i'm back i'm back making music.


Verse 2

I can do a whole track in less than an hour,

i control everything that's what i call power.

I do the producing, i do the mixing,

editing, recording, the raps and the singing.

Got 94 tracks and i'm still doing more,

when will i stop? man i'm still not sure.

Cause when i try to stay away, i'm back again the next day,

addicted to wordplay, it's like im stuck on replay.


My music is standard, it's not professional,

i'll still let you hear it, i won't be skeptical.

So listen to these tracks and find the grand meaning,

from the start to the finsh, from the morn to the evening.

There's one more thing that i need to explain,

music's not about talent and it's not about fame.

If you love making music then keep doing you,

just ignore all the haters and negative reviews.



I'm back on fruity loops again,

i'm back so run and tell your friends.

I'm back got some new beats for you lot,

i'm back and i'll never ever stop.