Going In


Verse 1

What you know about making beats?

it's a talent man, that you just can't teach.

I'ma tell you again i've been doing this for years,

through the good times bad times smiles and tears.

I'm not gonna be that guy what,

gives up everytime so i can't stop,

I'm just gonna do my best,

and do this thing with all i have got.


Right now this track's on fire,

and step by step i'm gonna take you higher.

If you're not feeling it, then call me a liar,

i'm bringing the heat like a tumble dryer.

So believe when i say i'm going in,

cause i'm here to stay and i'm here to win.

I'm what keeps the earth on it's global spin,

i am the orchestra, trumpet, violin.



I'm going in, i'm going in, i'm going in. i'm going in,

y'all can't do what i does, do what i does,

y'all can't do what i does, do what i does.



Verse 2

I can't help that i make these songs,

and the beats that i make man i can't go wrong.

I've been in this game for nine years long,

but i still keep it fresh, yeah i'm still going strong.

Right about now i'm in that zone,

where everyone is gone and i'm all alone.

The talent i have got i have clearly shown,

by producing all the tracks i have got on my own.


None of you got a beat like mine,

right now i'm the best, right nows my time.

You can feel what i'm saying, every line by line,

i'm a star in the sky you can see me shine.

This beat's kinda southern hip-hop,

i can feel right now the charts it will top.

Any track that i do i will never ever flop,

the 94 tracks i've got says a lot


Chorus X4