Try again


Verse 1

Not everything is easy most things are tough,

like finance, family a whole load a stuff,

but try to face these problems give it your best

we only go through bad things cause life is a test.

It's not impossible to get through bad times,

despite what you're going through the sun still shines,

no matter if you fail accept and then,

dust your self off and try again.



If at first you try something and you don't succeed,

just dust yourself off and again proceed,

search for the willpower that is deep inside your soul,

and keep trying and trying till you reach your goal.



Verse 2

Accomplishing something feels good when its done,

when you finally beat something you feel like number one,

so when you meet a problem just think of it like this,

your gonna be on top of it and everything is kris.

So just remember things will soon be alright,

anything thats hard will require you to fight,

may you forget what i told you remember one thing,

nothing is impossible and soon you will win.


Chorus X4