Hey yo'



Hey yo, right now i think your looking so damn fine,

the way that your moving is blowing my mind,

who knows mabey later we can spend some time,

Hey yo, girl the way you moving on the dance floor,

is making all the guys in here scream for more,

tell me if your feeling me cause im not sure.


Verse 1

Girl i been watching you dancing all night,

now i wanna dance with you if that is alright,

your the type of girl im looking for that aint too shy,

im ready for a wifey and that is no lie,

Lets go on the floor so we can just dance,

come on girl dont ignore gimmie one chance,

if dont trust me then put me to the test,

and ill prove in my moves that im better than the rest.


Chorus X2


Verse 2

You got them sick moves that you aint afraid to show,

which has got these guys following wherever you go,

im the man of your dreams the guy your looking for,

employed and successful you could'nt ask for more.

I like the way your looking all dressed up in red,

your style and your moves are getting to my head,

the vibe that im getting from you in this club,

has got me feeling like im falling in love.