Clap your hands


Clap your hands if you really like this,

clap your hands if you're feeling quite cris,

clap your hands if your feeling this flow,

clap your hands if you dont wanna go,

Clap your hands come on clap with me,

clap your hands come on 1, 2, 3,

clap your hans, im not talking all night long, but

clap your hands to the rest of this song.


Verse 1

Again im getting the whole club jumping,

my lyrics and my beat has got the base pumping,

im not the best rapper im not an MC,

but my songs are essential on your MP3's,

so come on people move your feet to this jam,

you dont have to like me you dont have to be a fan,

but move your body all around to this beat,

anyone can change from a nun to a freak.


Verse 2

Come on i know we all came to party,

the musics on blast so come get started,

go up to the bar and grab your self a drink,

and enjoy yourself even more than you think,

this beat is just going straight to the brain,

making me dance mad driving me insane,

but i dont really care if people see,

cause this tune just sounds that good to me.


Chorus X4