We're gonna ride, till the end,

don't listen to the lies, of your friends,

the act like they are wise, but they pretend,

that they know what they talking bout,

girl tell your friends to butt out.



Verse 1

At the start i said we're gonna ride together,

be down for you anytime be down for whatever,

but lately your friends have been messing with your head,

and making you second guess everything i've said.

I don't know why so called friends do that,

no idea what's going on but yet they still chat,

don't every go to friends cause they give bad advice,

they only gonna tell you what works in their life.




Verse 2

Girl i'm trying to give you what you need,

but i can't do that if people intervene,

girl i know our relationship's strong,

we're gonna stick together through the right and the wrong.

I promise to be your friend and your lover,

as long as we both have respect for each other,

i promise to be right there by your side,

from the start to the finish we're gonna just ride.


Chorus X4