We bout to set it off in this bish

Verse 1

Party people it's time to let loose in this place,

time to make it live time to raise the roof in this place,

come on feel the vibe i wanna see you move in this place,

go on get some wine there's a lotta juice in this place.

I don't wanna see any leaning on the wall,

cause standing in the corner don't make you look cool,

you better leave all your stress and your troubles outside,

just drink dance for the rest of the night.

I don't understand why people just sit down,

what's the point in paying if you come in with a big frown,

ladies dress nice don't roll up in your night gown,

fellas don't hype cuz you need to just pipe down.

I just wanna see everyone having a good time,

it's kinda packed in here so it's time to make this shubs live,

no beef no fights we're all having a good night,

looking for beef? a wasteman is what you look like!



So you're all liquored up, from the drinks in your cup,

and the DJ in the club has the perfect line up,

OKAY now you know what you need to do,

OKAY we're gonna liven up this venue.

You had a stressful week, and your life's been peak,

relaxation and fun is all that you seek,

OKAY let's set the dancefloor alight,

OKAY let's party throughout the night.


Verse 2

We're gonna keep this going right through the late night,

and we ain't even stopping until the daylight,

just like an aeroplane about to take flight,

we're speeding up, lifting off, crusing through the night.

So if you're feeling this track, get your hands in the air,

you know, wave em all around like you just don't care,

if you're not in the mood you can go elsewhere,

cause we don't need no dry boring people in here!

Now is the point where you need to unwind,

if you're feeling this track tell the DJ rewind,

keep partying like this i believe you will find,

the music and drinks will take over your mind.

Now we're approching the end of the song,

the chorus is coming feel free to sing along,

if you don't like to dance them something is wrong,

i wanna see you lot party all night long.


Chorus X4