Making progress


Verse 1

I'm the guy who always stays on his ones,

laid back taking each day as it comes,

important like the air that's inflating my lungs,

is success and how my destiny runs.

I don't really know what life's got in store,

will i fail or succeed? i'm not really sure,

distractions come which are hard to ignore,

but i gotta stay on point so my future's secure.


Gotta make sure i make it to the end,

be a leader and not following a trend,

rely on myself, on me i will depend,

the trustworthy is who i will befriend.

Need to make sure i'm happy and rich,

and any problems i need to just fix,

my bank account needs to have zero's time six,

i need to know bussiness and pleaure don't mix.



Ayye, i'm making progress,

working real hard so i can live with no stress,

Ayye, i'm making progress,

24/7 with no sleep no rest.



Verse 2

Putting full effort from the day to the night,

competion i fierce and i'm ready to fight,

laziness, that's that s**t i don't like,

pushing for the best with all of my might.

No matter what happens as long as i try,

i know i did my best so i can't even cry,

i'm just gonna keep my aim to the sky,

and grasp every chance that life will supply.