Juicy, Ju Ju Juicy,

Juicy, Ju Ju Juicy,

Verse 1

Thoughout my life i am in charge,

you can't place me in a box because i think large,

constantly aiming for the heavens with the brightest stars,

i'm so different you would think i'm from the planet Mars.

Your opinion doesn't really faze me,

the amount of haters kinda does amaze me,

my self esteem isn't based on what you rate me,

so all you low lifes go ahead and hate me.

Anywhere that i go i remain blessed,

got good people in my life so i ain't stressed,

alot of people out there are a hot mess,

tryna fool everybody like the loch ness.

Throughout the days in my life i will stay real,

continue speaking my mind despite what 'they' feel,

i'm just devouring my haters like a steak meal,

cause i'm surpassing my goals by a great deal.



Is there reasons why everybody is looking at me?

is there a reason you think my life is that juicy?

do you believe all the crap they be talking bout me?

your words mean nothing, no effect, can't you see?



Verse 2

Positivity follows me in my life,

don't follow people i do whatever i like,

don't force decisions i just wait until the times right,

i take in what i see with my own eyesight.

I never keep bad company around me,

the number of bad breeds really does astound me,

to many haters try their best to clown me,

but it don't work i just tell them this about me.

B-B-B Blacker than a Rover, Venomous Cobra,

paid like Oprah, yeah i'm taking over,

lucky like a nigga with a four leaf clover,

more energetic than a massive Supernova.

F-F-F Fresher than a new day, clearer than Blu-Ray,

paving a new way, repping the U.K,

haters your generally more thicker than a duvet,

so i don't take to heart anything that you say.