I'm hope, i'm hope,

i'm i'm i'm i'm



I'm hoping for better days,

we need to improve as a human race,

we need to make Earth a more better place,

worldwide changes we need to make,

we need to stop jealousy and hate,

as soon as we can before it's too late.


Verse 1

People all over the world, we need to make this right,

no more of these pointless wars, we gotta end these fights,

we need to get rid of the sin, and live a positive life,

teach the children right from wrong, before judgement day arrives.




Verse 2

Right now it doesn't look good, cause things are getting worse,

we need to just change our ways, for this to be reversed,

there's a lot we need to fix, but violence is the first,

before we can make a change we must have peace on Earth.





We need to stop all the killing, we need to stop all the war,

we need to close the big gap between the rich and the poor,

we need to love one another, look out for everyone,

cause we share the same planet, the same moon and the sun.



Chorus X2