Verse 1

Everyone has something that they all wanna be,

in Art, Business or Technology,

you can be anything that's deep in your heart,

if you work for it daily, right from the start.

Everyone wants to be rich and successful,

no one wants to end up in a cesspool,

the only way to win is to stick to your dreams,

cause a lot of things in life is not what it seems.



Anything and everything starts from a dream,

anyting is possible you just gotta believe,

as long as there's passion then soon you will see,

that if you have heart then you will succeed.


Verse 2

Martin Luther King proved you only need a dream,

you gotta stay focused, you gotta stay keen,

let the world see your quest through your eyes,

hard work is the game and success is the prize.

Always be alert for every opportunity,

take every chance for result you have to shoot-and-see,

and start making progress the haters can't stand it,

we all have the power to change the whole planet.


Chorus X4