Verse 1

What's this place i have stumbled upon?

one minute i'm on Earth, the next then i'm gone,

this doesn't really look like a place i belong,

even though i'm quite scared i must remain strong.

This definitely isn't a place i've been,

or viewed on anybodies TV screen,

a brand new world is what this place seems,

but i feel so alone, just a one man team.



I found a new place that's really amazing, (amazing)

This beautiful space, has got me stuck gazing, (amazing)



Verse 2

I've never felt so far away from home,

yet i feel much happier now that i'm all alone,

this place that i'm at has not one phone,

so no one can tell me that i'm not on my own.

Ain't nothing to do but stare at the skies,

and gaze at the stars with my watery eyes,

I'm on a break from Earth, the deceit and the lies,

but only when dream, i quickly realise.


Chorus X4