15th May - 15th June

Had to stop production on game because of Uni exams


17th June

Started doing part of Brixton Hill

20th June 2009

Finished doing Brixton Hill, Christchuirch road and Streatham place

29th June

Started Telford Avenue

10th July

Started Wavertree Road

12th July

Finished Wavertree road

13th July

Redoing all avenues (Amesbury, barcome .etc)


27th July

still doing coursework but have finished Amesbury avenue and now doing barcome avenue

Hope to start working on new trailer by 2nd August


9th August

Finished all avenues, now fixing up train station


10th August

Finished train station, redoing around the train station.


11th August

Gone to take more pics of Streatham hill for some textures of buildings


14th August

Retexturing some buildings

17th August

Gone on holiday for a week

24th August

Fixing up Megabowl and caesars, making more inside buildings

28th August

COMPUTER HAS RUN OUT OF RAM, so i can't build the game until i get at least 4GB RAM

15th September

Still waiting for RAM to arrive, it should come today, while i wait i have fixed up megabowl and caesars, and created more interior buildings, (3 houses, Pukka restaurant and bingo) 

13th October

Trying to add the famous "Bloom effect" to the game!

20th October

I've sent my game off to get some help with programming, while i wait im building the menu screens and HUD (map, life bar, time and weapon icon)


1st January 2010

Happy new year!!! don't worry im still working on GTA but i've been very busy so it's taking longer than expected.

8th January

Uploaded 2 new gameplay videos to youtube, im still working on game performance, bugs and animation!


3rd Febuary

Made "pay and spray" garage


15th Febuary

Fixed the map


18th Febuary

Done loading screens


22th Febuary

First DEMO release will be Easter holiday (Exactly 2 years after starting the game)


6th March

Alot of people on forums are advising me to remove or modify the logos of companies before releasing the game to avoid getting into trouble.


15th March

Traffic AI is less buggy

20th March

BREAK THROUGH with game optimization (should run more smooth on older computers)


24th March

Now pedestrians can be "killed"

25th March

AI cars can't be driven but BMW and hidden Ferrari can, still working on driving code and physics.

19th April

Done driving physics but can't get the police to chase properly, working on 2-3 missions for the first release and HOPE to release on Friday (also working on car radio staitions).

14th May

{13:00} The time is almost here, just extending radio stations and adding some small missions, Finally the game will be definently uploaded today/ tonight :)

{19:00} Even if i have to stay up all night im gonna release this today, the bugs always seem to creep up when i think i've finished.

15th May

{01:22} Guess im gonna have to call it a night, can't seem to publish the game, i done quite a lot today, even done a test mission which works perfectly. I will try to publish the game in the morning.

20th May

Finally i have got my game ready to upload (BUT, has some MAJOR bugs in it )

23rd May

Finally fixed the physics of the car, still trying to find the bug that makes it slow down though. The download will be inaccessible one day this week as i will be uploading a newer version. 

1st June

Another trailer is gonna be posted tonight, this evening i am uploading a newer version of the game so no-one will be able to download until 22:00-23:00. The newer version has small fixes like; Better car handling, slightly better AI, ability to change radio station and clock has been fixed. 

18th June

Another updated version is gonna be uploaded by 00:00 it has new updates like; better pedestrian AI, aeroplanes in the sky, fixed bug where it appeared the player was still in the car when you exit, better shooting animation and when "left alt" is pressed a target is displayed. I'm still working on getting the police to chase, knocking over pedestrians, getting hurt by explosions, making pedestrians run or duck when there is danger and of course stealing cars. 

9th July

Sorry for the delay in the new BETA but i have decided to take a break from production for a little while but once all the bugs are fixed and missions are added i will use the map to create a Call of duty: Streatham hill game which will be multiplayer (using intense-x) so it will be easy to build. I will also do a winter mod for GTA: Streatham hill in December which will have snow and all the street christmas lights. Keep checking here for more updates whenever i put a new BETA up i will put it on this page.  

31st July

I've recently started working on GTA again, there is now rain, wind, thunder and lightning. The traffic lights now function too.

31st July Changing engine from A7 - A8

There is a major new engine update (the program that runs the game) so i will need to rewrite some code to get the most out of the new update which might take some time. There are a number of new features that will benefit the game like; Faster frame rate, faster loading, less memory consumption and better physix. Here is a full list of new features to expect; http://manual.conitec.net/newfeatures8.htm


18th September

Holiday's are over! and im working properly on GTA again, theres just too much problems with my code on the new engine, im still trying but if it takes too much time i think im just going to concentrate on LOD and making my game run faster.


12th December

As promised i have done a christmas version of the game which is basically a winter night with snow. New updates are; the ability to run over pedestrians, Caesars nightclub re-texture, better lighting, faster engine, ability to ride bicycle and two more missions. This will be uploaded 'around' Sunday 19th December.


22nd December

I know its a bit late but i have finally uploaded a christmas version of my game its basically the same as before but with christmas lights and snow. Please note: the snow only falls around Megabowl. Since i am going away for christmas i didn't get time to do all the things i wanted like be able to ride a bike, a couple missions and chrismas radio, But i will upload one more version of "xmas night" by new years day.


4th February

Got some exciting news... Complete re-write of vehicle code, now you can drive flawlessly, got the trees and vegetation back while keeping high framerates, Pay and spray works now (now you can change colour of car). I'm just now working on getting vehicles to crash not blow up when crashing into each other by using physics and being able to knock over lamposts  which also uses physics. This upload will be available begining of March, if i complete tasks before March i will fit a couple driving missions in and update radio staitions.

24th February

Really excited about the next release; Mass compression with textures bitmaps and sounds 50% less file space (so alot less RAM required to run) but still keeping the same texture size/quality, Traffic lights sort of work (not perfect but it's a start), finally got rid of those horrific lampost lights got much more professional looking sprites, Much better in-game sound (ambient sounds, footsteps, pedestrian sounds), cars do not blow up so easy now, trees are back but not animated anymore. Release due 2nd week of March!!!!!!!!

7th March

Computer has been broken for a while so i am a bit behind schedule but it's fixed today, i have finished putting all trees, bushes and lamposts today, the game looks so beautiful and lifelike. I am gonna put some road markings on the road next, then i have to stop the car from floating sometimes, redo radio stations and do 2-3 driving based missions. Should be released either 2nd or 3rd week of March.


18th March

Fixed alot of bugs now, there is new cars/ peds, only thing left is the car missions which i will do next week, next demo release will be 25th March. 

25th March

Next demo download will be tonight 8-9PM once i've finished at uni, i only managed to get one small driving mission in, and 2 new radio stations.

{21:15} Download will be inaccessable for the next hour while this new one uploads!

26th March

I am re-uploading a slightly newer version as i've just seen a few bugs, like the cars at the streatham place car park

28th March

By pressing "Ins" or "Del" you can now control the viewing distance in-game, if you have a fast computer increase if not decrease the viewing distance

6th April

MASSIVE SPEED INCREASE!!!!! After some "Harsh" reviews at the Gamestudio forum i've decided to concentrate on performance i have managed to get full speed (60+fps) on the game but it is VERY buggy, which is why i was running from making it run faster. There will be a new release soon once the bugs are gone. My game will still be in production and to keep up to date keep visiting this page. 

8th April

I am VERY excited for this next release this game runs super fast on my laptop which just has an Intel celeron with integrated graphics, so it's safe to say this game runs on ALL computers now. I can't believe just two lines of code made my game jump from 13fps to 60fps!! Instead of loading all models (trees, cars, people, lamposts and birds) only models that are close to the player are enabled and visible. I am currently working on the bugs and then finally going to design a startup menu with display/ sound settings.

9th May

Sorry i have been away but as most people know it's exam time so i have to put my revision first. After exams i will get the police cars (but i still can't find uk police people), design startup videos/ menus, cutscenes and make another attempt to be able to steal cars. next release 2nd week of June.


22nd May

Finally finished exams so my summer holiday has officially started, now i can concentrate 100% on getting this game finished before i go back. Today i am working on startup menu and i will buy the police car model.

26th May

Almost finished the menu, will definitely finish by today, which just leaves the cut scene i promised, im also attempting to get the police to chase you when you hit their car

27th May

Finally finished the menu, it wasn't hard but VERY LONG, i have a new respect for game developers/ software developers across the globe. The menu should be VERY familiar but i wont spoil the surprise lol. Tommorow im gonna have another attempt at coding the ability to "Steal" cars, i have an idea that i want to try out.  

28th May

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!! Finally you are able to steal cars and get chased by police (Sort of) it is VERY BUGGY so if i don't sort it out before next week i won't include the feature but it is definitely a start!!!

3rd June

Finished everything for the next release so gonna add some new weapons like hand grenades!!! new demo will be available FRIDAY 10TH JUNE

Oh yeah i forgot to add that i finally got ALL traffic lights to work! i can now control the flow of traffic!!!

9th June

Redone the radio stations with new music and better compression (.ogg) so changing radio station is much faster, I want to put radio station logo's instead of just the words, I STILL haven't managed to get the cutscenes done as i'm wating for some of my friends to do character voices, and i'm also still working on hand grenades.

10th June

Don't think i'm gonna be able to release new update today, a bug has creeped up in the game which makes it barely playable, If i do today it won't be until later in the evening if not Tuesday/ Wednesday.

Didn't manage to finish today but i did fix the bug, there is now hand grenades which use full physics explosions, you can blow up cars, people etc) but i didn't do the cutscene which is the last thing left to do. Next update is now pushed back to Tuesday/ Wednesday.

13th June

Trying to get this thing done but more and more problems keep coming up and i 'm remembering more features i've wanted to add. Will definetly finish this week but which day i still don't know.

16th June

Been doing lots of overtime at work this week so have droped behind schedule, i was going to release the demo anyway but it is unstable and unfinished, so i changed my mind as i'd rather do it right. new things i've done; i have put the megabowl and caesars inside the main map instead of loading a new map so it doesn't crash anymore, Caesars nightclub gate opens at night, and just like trees and lamposts some buildings (bingo building) only load when the player is close so rendering is faster.

19th June

ARRRRRRRRRR, WHYYYY????!!!! i can't get rid of this damn bug, and it's a big bug! i can't release the game until it's fixed.

21st June

OK, i think i might have found the problem, it has something to do with memory, now that i've added all the interior buildings onto one map i guess it's too much for the engine to handle but i'm gonna compress some models (cars, people, traffic lights) to see if i can lower the RAM usage. 

22nd June

Bug fix - Done   Traffic lights - Done    Road markings - Done   Cutscene - Almost Done  just need the voices and i also need to fix a resolution problem with the HUD and that's it!

26th June

I'm still waiting for my friends to do voices, if it's not done by wednesday i'm gonna release the demo anyway. In the meantime i've compiled a list of features to expect on next release. I have done SO much since April http://anthonystaines.com/JuneFeatures.htm

7th July

Finally game is finished i've just been testing the game over the last week and finding and fixing some bugs, 95% sure tommorow evening will be the release.

8th July

Compiling... (this is taking hours)

9th July

Took too long to compile yesterday but it finally finished now the "Radiosity" effect was worth the wait. NOW the real download will be Monday/ Tuesday #Promise :)

11th July

Countdown begins!!!!

12th July

Finally the new version is uploading!!!! Judging by the time remaining it should be up at exactly 00:00

13th July

Download is up now, and there will be a YouTube video showing gameplay on Friday.

16th July

Right!, July BETA done, uploaded and shown on YouTube, i am gonna take another break from this game for a few months to enjoy my summer unless there's a major bug i need to fix. When i start work on this again (Probably September) i will add more weapons, missions and cheats!!! have a great summer!!!!


23rd September

Hope everyone had a good summer, i'm back to working on this game again i have a list of things i want to do before christmas;

-Better performance on slower machines, so i can;

-Increase the level size by 30/40%

-Shadows on people/ objects

-Better sky, maybe moving sky and clouds

-Bloom effect

-Shiny metal cars

29th September

Sorry i've been MIA for a few days, just getting settled into the final year of uni, i have finally animated the streatham hill "vegas sign" which looks beautiful, i have also made the trees light up more on streatham place. I can't get the bloom effect to work unless i buy a more expensive verision of GameStudio which i can't afford. So instead i will extend the map and add the ability to fly a helicopter.

7th October

Working on spawning a figher jet when a cheat code is entered, and extra weapons then i will extend the map and re-upload the demo.

24th October

Fighter jet works great and can be spawned anytime by pressing '6654' Just need to extend the level now

2nd November

Extending the level while trying not to require too much RAM, should have a release before December.

22nd November

University is taking up so much of my time recently, i never get more than 2hrs a week to work on this now. I am still working on extending the map, but now i remember why i didn't want to in the first place. One road (about 8 shops length) takes about a week to complete. Anyway i am extending Brixton hill (screenshots below of real and virtual) and i want to extend leigham court road and also Streatham High Road.




16th December

There will be another release on Sunday 19th December, nothing major has changed just extended the map by about 20%, Added plane cheat (6654), made the vegas sign animated and got slight performance increase. The christmas edition will be available before Christmas day.

19th December

Compiling... Uploading the new version tonight. Remember '6654' is the cheat for the plane. Christmas version will be later this week.

24th December

Gonna try my best to upload the xmas night version up today! which basically has snow on the buildings, xmas street lights, always night and always snowing. I'm gonna remove most cars and people so performance will be really high!

2012 Happy New Year!!!!

3rd January

Very sorry about not completing the Christmas version, but coursework took up all my time during the christmas holidays. I half finished the xmas version so i'll try to finish it before the month finishes. I won't be able to do any real work on the main game until February because i have exams coming up, but i am going t start taking monthly polls for feedback on my game so i know what needs priority. Please take part in the poll so i can make the game great for you! Thanks

What should i concentrate on next? (only pick one)
   Performance (This game runs way too slow)
   Features (Give me more weapons and vehicles)
   Map (The game runs fine, make it BIGGER)
   Storyline (The game is OK, I wanna see more missions)
   Bugs (The performance is OK, the features are OK but it is too buggy)

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20th January

Christmas version 2011 is uploaded now! all cars and pedestrians are disabled so the performance should be the highest ever. Press '2' in-game to disable the snow and it will run even faster. Remember to vote and i will start working on the next version next month!

21st February

As you can probably tell i have been really busy with university so i haven't had a chance to work on the game, final year is no joke they really pile a lot of cousework and exams on you! So i have decided to put the game on hold once again BUT i will do a MASSIVE update simular to the one in July in the summer so look out for that. In the meantime follow me on Twitter if you have any questions for me @DatGuyFromTitan