Problems and quickfixes


The game crashes right at the start!  

Find the folder where the game is installed (usually "C:/program Files/Streatham Hill Stories/).

A quicker way if you have vista/ 7 is to right-click icon on desktop and click "Open file location".

When in the folder find "intro.avi" and delete it, this should by-pass the intro video.


I can't see the start menu options

Try and get to options, there you can set the resolution for your display. If you can't, press F5 to go through the best resolution for your screen.


Menu options Bug!!!!!

When changing the display resolution you will notice that the view distance level is also changing, press left and right a few times to get it back to the middle unless your computer can handle "high".


When i wan't to go back in the menu i press ESC then the game quits

Even though it's based on the GTA menu, you can't press ESC to go back because by default it is the button to quit the game you must press back (the bottom option on the menu) i can't change this.


I can't hear the radio stations and/ or sounds

The game uses a different compression for sound (.OGG) you must have the codec installed to hear some sounds. If you don't you can download it here


The game runs too slow

This is because this type of game is VERY cpu intensive, and it only runs on one core, so a person with a quad-core 3Ghz processor would run exactly the same as a person with only a single-core 3Ghz processor. You can try using the ins/del keys to change the draw distance in-game as this has significant effect on frame-rate. An Intel core2quad with a Geforce 7200 has been the fastest i've seen this game run on.


Why is it locked to 30fps?

There is so much things running "behind the scenes" in this game, alot of the things must run smoothly and in a certain amount of time, in order to not get crazy effects when the game runs TOO fast is to limit the frame rate so the range between different computers isn't so spread out.


The game crashes when i'm about to do a mission

Like the intro video problem, find the file that is "FirstMission.avi" and delete it.