What's new in December 2013 update?


Clutter free HUD, only time is displayed at all times, life bar has moved above map.

BUGS: Map isn't currently compatible with post processing, you can disable post processing by pressing 'B'

 Shadows are now supported!

Shadows are just a dark circle, real shadows slow the system down significantly, I will make this option available soon for those that have speedy i7 CPU's.

Ammo is now used on weapons it is displayed in the bottom corner of the current weapon icon, this and the icon are only displayed when the weapon is in use, it then fades away!

If there is no ammo then the HUD won't display the weapon

MOBILE PHONE!!!!!! that's right a 3D fully featured HTC that rivals even the latest GTAV phone, it has maps, radio, cheats, apps(phone calling, text messaging, themes to come soon) PRESS 'M' to activate/deactivate mobile phone! press 'enter' to select, arrows to navigate and 'backspace' to go back.

When playing radio sometimes stations overlap each other.

Because the phone is a real 3D model and not painted on the screen like messages or the HUD, it can be affected by the sunlight or camera angle.

Cheats are now activated through the phone

Cheats can not currently be deactivated

Parachute can now be opened when jumping from high and pressing 'S' you can get to high places by either jumping out of a jet or using the 'superman' cheat to run and jump on top of buildings

When the parachute is activated the player is stuck in the sky, look away by pressing 'C' then look back again 'C' this is a quick fix

Downton Mafia gang are located on 'Downton Avenue' and will attack you when you come too close. They currently don't have any weapons but will in the future. You can tell that you are in their area by the red graffiti logo on the walls. If you kill a lot of them a gang war will be started and more will appear and chase you. Don't forget this map is based on a real town so you can use 'Google maps' to find out where this street is and how to get to it. (though obviously the gang isn't real)

A LOT of work is still needed in the gangs, they get stuck easily and can even sink in the ground. If you get away then come close they gain super speed (glitch).

Also if you start a gang war you will be stuck in an infinite loop where the gang members keep coming and never stop

More settings to play around with!

IMPORTANT: Visual FX determines the texture size for everything! LOW = 256x256 / MEDIUM = 512x512 / HIGH = 2048x2048

Changing the value to low you will notice everything looks more blurry especially text and the mobile phone. But If you keep getting random crashing or 'out of memory' errors try setting the Visual FX to low as it uses less memory on the system.

The default setting is medium (512) so if you've been following the game for a while you will notice straight away some writing looks blurry, if your system is capable then set it back to high.

If fast enough I recommend everyone to turn off the frame limiter, it is on by default but when switched off the game works a lot better than I thought it would, I might set it to off by default in the future.

When changing a setting it looks like it reverts back to the default, don't worry it has accepted your change it is just displaying the default value because of a glitch.

Widescreen isn't changeable as this is determined by the resolution

Some items may still not show correctly depending on the resolution please bare with me as I fix this