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August 26th 2020

This website is no longer in use, come over to http://www.streathamhillstories.com


August 24th 2020

New website will be launched this week and demo to be available for download this weekend! The demo will only work from Friday 28th until Sunday 30th!!

I will post the link to the new website here once it's launched



May 17th 2020 (when the list below is all green that's when I'll release a FREE 3 day demo, keep checking!)


Connects to server

Time sync

Player move

Player life


Multiple players

Character select

Player name create

Multiplayer menu




Remove player on disconnect


Gun model

Character select

Helicopter missile

Flying player names and scores


Flying/pedestrian kill each other

Bird poop

Weapon switch

Control Pad



New features

Live weather!

Manual Aim

New Radio stations

Final testing







Future multiplayer games (Team death match, TAG, One kill death, Steal the flag, race, air combat)


September 8th 2019

Streatham Hill Stories is back!!!!!


How do I sound as a radio host?

Click the logo above to listen to the brand new station featured in the next update




August 16th 2016

Hey! I know it's been a long while but I thought I'll share the mini update I done on this game a while back. Switching weapons is now fully working.


30th April

The time has come to sell my map :'(

If you think you can continue Streatham Hill Stories or know someone can that or you want to show your support please purchase my level map from Turbosquid. I will use the money that I make off your purchase on the final release of Streatham Hill Stories later on in the year. You can purchase the map here



20th March


- Complete rework of player animation (now has animation for dying/falling/ opening car door/ throwing bomb/ getting hit by car etc...)

- Rebuild of Christchurch building

- Speed enhancements/ stability fix (40fps limit)

- Vehicles stop at traffic light fix

Still to come


22nd February

Don't worry I am still slowly improving SHS, will have a release this Easter for you all. Thanks for being patient! :)


7th January

I have been very busy working so haven't done anything on Streatham Hill Stories recently. I will however have more time on my hands from February, so I want to finally add more missions, add more buildings you can enter and of course bug fixes. Once I do these I will finally put this game to rest. Lookout for the final Easter update.




13th November

Apologies for not posting sooner, I know the Streatham Undead server has not been online, well it has been online but there were problems with the script not allowing it to connect. The new demo (link below) should now allow you to connect. The port needed to be allowed through your router is PORT 2300!!! Although it says '0/8 online' ignore that I haven't figured out a way to update all clients when people connect. What you should lookout for is that it says 'connected to session' instead of 'searching for server'. For now the server is run on my main PC which unfortunately isn't always on. It won't be on from GMT02:00am - GMT07:00am most days. I will try to keep it on as much as possible until I get a dedicated server.



31st October

As promised here is the multiplayer demo below. This is just a test I 've barely had anytime to work on it . This demo is just to show that your game will connect to the server along with 7 other people. Make sure your firewall isn't blocking port 2330. You can't kill or even see each other yet you can however see and interact with each other if you spawn a jet with cheats (VERY BUGGY) though.

I will keep updating the multiplayer up until January where I will start working on Streatham Hill Stories again. enjoy! 




14th September

As promised new trailer is here! http://youtu.be/6O8cU4IhVJg


13th September

I have started working on the long awaited multiplayer, Trailer to be uploaded to YouTube either today or tomorrow!


25th August

New demo available, now has advanced lensflare, performance boost and bug fixes


27th July

I Want to thank everyone for being patient, I had come across a huge bug in the game which made it pretty much unplayable and so I kept trying to fix it and because I couldn't I would take a few days off to rethink and cool down otherwise it would drive me crazy lol. Good news the bug is fixed now and I can continue with the production of the game!


24th June

Still working on some features and bug fixes, the best feature now includes a next-gen lensflare and best bug fix is the cars are now stable!

List of bugs

car_camera(function) is now killed to stop camera from orbiting fast when re-entering car

Random time glitch is now fixed

Lampost lights now always switch off in daytime and switch on at night

Game pauses when mission video is playing if(!media_playing(VAR)){media_play}

Map is now displayed when post-processing is active

AI Car physics (getting stuck on walls and on each other)

Plane physics

Plane explosion

Bird AI enhancements

Next-Gen Lensflare

Switchable weapons (some weapons can switch)

Normal Mapping (better detail on all roads)

AI pedestrians (talking, walking, dying)

Convert people to use physics (HAD TO SKIP TAKING TOO LONG)

Police helicopters (almost finished just tidying up)

Downton Mafia (serious loop issue)


Fire/ explosion

Vehicle physics

Megabowl/ Caesars/ Mc Donalds


Resolution issues

Menu issue

Xbox Controller

Empty pointers

Random Crashes

Texture cleanup (delete textures on unseen sides of blocks)

Map tidy (no gaps between blocks, align roads and pavement perfectly)

Performance issues


Convert to A8/ lite-c







29th May

New feature packed demo and YouTube video coming soon!


21st April

Easter Update!!!!!!!!!



As usual I upload a new demo around Easter, not a lot has gone into this update because I have been extremely busy just a few new features and bug fixes;

New features

Bug fixes        

          Camera doesn't go too fast when re-entering car

The download will be moved to front page soon but I feel people who keep up to date on this news feed should get first pick!


10th March

SHADER PROBLEM: Just realized you guys aren't seeing the beautiful shaders that I have put in the game because of a missing file.

Download THIS and copy it to the game folder ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Streatham Hill Stories")

The problem where the blue speed blur shows automatically is fixed in the next version, can be quite annoying


27th February

List of bugs

car_camera(function) is now killed to stop camera from orbiting fast when re-entering car

Random time glitch is now fixed

Lampost lights now always switch off in daytime and switch on at night

Game pauses when mission video is playing if(!media_playing(VAR)){media_play}

Map is now displayed when post-processing is active

AI Car physics (getting stuck on walls and on each other)

AI pedestrians (talking, walking, dying)

Convert people to use physics

Plane physics

Plane explosion

Police helicopters

Downton Mafia (serious loop issue)


Fire/ explosion

Vehicle physics

Megabowl/ Caesars/ Mc Donalds


Resolution issues

Menu issue

Xbox Controller

Empty pointers

Random Crashes

Texture cleanup (delete textures on unseen sides of blocks)

Map tidy (no gaps between blocks, align roads and pavement perfectly)

Performance issues


Convert to A8/ lite-c





10th February

New wallpapers (click pictures to enlarge)

SPOILER ALERT: Guess who's come to visit their childhood friend?

Franklin from GTAV!!! Franklin and Jerome actually grew up together in Los Santos until Jerome left to find a better life in London. Both of their grandparents live on the same road. Franklin comes to stay to keep out of trouble because he has just been released from prison. (This game is set 2008-2009).

As you can see from this screenshot I've been working hard to get light from the Sun to give realistic shadows and a nice bloom effect without losing too much FPS.











23rd January

I have fixed a lot of problems and I've still got many problems to fix, I know I said I wasn't going to add more features but I have added a few which I will announce at a later date. I have new animations for the main character which looks more next-gen, also I want to let the character start inside the house instead of the street. I plan to have a new release by March or when the bugs are fixed (whichever comes first).




1st January


Currently working on bug fixes, next release won't have any new features but ALL glitches and bugs should be gone! It may take months for some of the bugs. 



20th December

Have you played Streatham Hill Stories lately? notice anything different?

I have programmed the game to give a Christmas feel depending on the time of the year, I don't think this has EVER been done before!

Don't like the Christmas version? just change the date on your PC a day in summer before you launch the game as it reads the date on startup.


I uploaded a new version of the game on Wednesday which fixes just a few minor bugs, nothing big but fixes like, the Christmas loading screen not fitting the screen properly and some cars not moving and I added the 'free camera' back which allows you to look around the level when you press 'C' I also fixed a few resolution problems. Like I said its no huge fixes but you may want to download the newest version. 


10th December

Checkout this user guide, more things will be added soon! GUIDE



9th December

The new font pack is ready to download now and the new Streatham Hill Stories update will be available from 02:30 (GMT), so that's it no more updates until after Christmas!


9th December {00:45}

I will upload a newer version where some quick fixes will be implemented this is; the start-up videos not fitting the screen correctly, the ammo for grenades not being displayed correctly some people not walking around and the time always starting at night. Also there is a font that I missed you can download it from the same place (there should be THREE fonts installed in total) check back here for when I upload the new one and check later in the week for the user guide.


8th December {21:34}

New version is now uploaded, enjoy!


8th December


Unfortunately I didn't get time to fix many bugs so think of this update as more features rather than any fixes. I had to rush and upload this today as I will be very busy until January. All the features above are included and check back here for how to use them.

Also click here to download the fonts needed for the brand new HUD!


9th November

I've found another 'work-around', keep checking below for progress


6th November

If you've been following the progress of this game you would have noticed I have stopped, this is because I am getting some serious errors in the game, for example I lost whole day's worth of work because the file corrupted. It seems I have reached the limit of the game engine, I have upgraded my PC to 8GB RAM but i'm still getting the error. Right now the only option is to convert the map into chunks and see if that will work, but this could take weeks even months. Keep checking here for more news.


27th September

I was going to upload a version without the snow bug but I've decided to hold off and upload next month when I have some new features. I've paid someone to animate the pedestrian models so expect much more realistic people walking around the street, I also got a new plane with physics (feels like your playing flight simulator). I want redo the HUD and make gameplay better before next month. look below;


-Built in Christmas version

-New Plane with physics

-Bloom effect(post processing shader)

-Camera shake(post processing shader)

-Rain(post processing shader)

-Speed blur (post processing shader)

-Mobile phone (like GTA4/V)

-New animation

-Bigger more realistic explosions (particles, camera shake, post processing shader)

-Sky Diving(Parachute from plane)

-Sleeping in bed advances time by 6hrs

-Dance radio station

-Brand new HUD

-Police helicopters !!NOT WORKING PROPERLY, HAD TO MOVE ON!!

-Mafia gang 

-More settings

-New cars

-Save game (SKIPPED for now, too buggy)

**-Multiplayer (seperate later release)**

-Bugs(resolution fix, no map, physics, can't use car after death, weapon cleanup, dying clean up, controller bugs) 


*Final trailer!!! 


24th September

I've fixed a couple of bugs that is in the current version like snowing during a summer night and the plane not being able to fly. I will upload a newer version at some point this week. I'll put here when I do. Also let me know any feedback in the forum.


14th September

NEW WALLPAPERS!!!!! (Click to enlarge to 1920X1080)










13th September

Friday 13th Bad news

I've got some really bad news, I've been working 7 days a week since last month and obviously had no time to work on this game, I haven't even had time to post here to tell everyone I have a new job now. I WILL as promised release what I do have on Tuesday 17th but it has no where the amount of features I wanted to add. The game is massive so has a huge video RAM requirement, so as a quick fix I will write some code that will check your video card and compress the textures accordingly (in other words instead of crashing the game buildings, vehicles and people won't look as good, writing may look blurry too) this is just until I can optimise the game better.

What is already included in the new version (more will be added daily)

What I want to add by Tuesday

Built in Xmas version (game checks date on computer and if its December/ January then unlocks xmas version) <---- Really excited about this one

New pedestrian animation

Sky diving

Ability for everyone to change advanced settings




31st July


I have good news and bad news... the good news is as you can see in the picture below i have significantly increased the size of the game, the bad news is it seems i have reached the engine's limit as it keeps crashing if i put even one more block in the game, so i have to throw in the towel at this point. For the next month however i will fix all the bugs add some new feature (which is a secret right now) and then finally add some more missions. The final game will be released on SEPTEMBER 17TH 2013!!!!



26th June

Extending map...


30th April

'Shine bright like a diamond'

I finally got shiny cars in the game, i will delete all the older cars and just have newer shiny cars in the map, this will give the game a more 'next-gen' look.


29th March

As promised the Easter update is now online in the downloads section, it has significant updates and bug fixes so i reccommend everyone head over and download it. I have also included a list here of all the new features also the bugs and glitches i have faced during this update. The next update which will be the FINAL update of this game will be released on September 17th 2013 ;) check here for all the things added. I will finally add gangs, more missions and make the map HUGE!!! so far that it reaches out to Brixton, Clapham, Tulse Hill and Balham, though i'm restricted to whatever the engine will allow me build. I am already just about hanging on to the memory limit so making the game as huge as i would hope isn't likely. Also i'm at the limit of code i can use as im litterally using thousands of lines of code already.

On this update you may run into memory issues, if so let me know via the forum or on my YouTube page and if it is a critical error i'll fix and upload a new one straight away.

If there are any suggestions you have please please please let me know as this is your last chance, the game won't be updated after September 17th!

Enjoy! :)



1st February

I know i promised an update in January but i keep finding things i want to add in, fix or change. This update will be another large update, almost as big as the July 2011 update. I'm not exactly sure when the new update will be finished so keep checking here as when i complete a task on the list below i will colour it green so you know how much more needs to be done.

Realism Update

-Full 1080p resolution

-Cars have brakelights

-Traffic lights work independantly

-Player walks by default and runs when shift is pressed

-Better player animation

-Player speaks and makes sounds

-Pedestrians interact with each other and events (like car crashes)

-Cars create sparks and make sound when they hit each other

-Wind and street noise are real instead of looping sounds

-Wind (floating newspapers, leaves and rubbish)

-Dynamic Sun


-Animated Trees

-New weapons

-Lamposts use physics

-Realistic dynamic clouds

-Better memory compression

-Random loading screen

-New pause screen

-When player is idle the camera moves around (similar to GTA San Andreas)

-Dynamic Moon

-Camera shakes when player runs

-Xbox 360 controller now supported

-Bug fixes (last few bugs to fix then i will upload, please be patient)



31st January

+Player has better movement now


29th January

+All cars have brake lights now


28th January

+All traffic lights work independently now, so there is a calm flow of traffic


11th January

Still working on it....


8th January

Click picture for full sized image



1st January 2013


January 2013 update coming soon!

    -Full HD 1080p resolution

    -Moving camera update (shakes when running)

    -Real background sounds! (instead of having a looping sound, all cars make their own sound)


    -Plus many more!!!




30th November

Sorry i've been MIA for the last couple of Months, been very busy. I kinda hit a dead end with this project, I can't ,ake it any bigger because the RAM requirements are too high for Windows to cope with and it just crashes. I can't make it any faster im using every trick in the book to get the speed i currently have. I'm open to hear any sugesstions to any thing i can fix or add.

Soon i'll be working full time, when that comes i will put the source files on here for people to continue the project!




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5th November

Burn Baby Burn!!!

More Angles






22nd October

I think im gonna go back to A7. A8 is faster and will be available for download but it doesn't work with physics so it won't ever have realistic gameplay. Once i fix A8 properly i will upload that, then i copy what i done in A8 back to the old engine and continue. i want to add physics to everything including cars, people, planes and birds. This should change the entire feel of the gameplay and make it appear more like a next-gen game like GTA 4

3rd October

As soon as i get the game stable i will release it. Then i will start working on the multiplayer version. Hopefully in the next two weeks!


22th September

I've had the flu for the past few days so haven't made too much progress but now the loading menu is animated, and there is also the option to remove vehicles and people in the display options to get much more performance.


19th September

Great news! finally fixed the critical error, the map is now slightly more bigger, now gonna make it even more bigger and add 1 or 2 missions. After this update i will start working on a multiplayer version!!!! Keep checking here every couple of days as i add more news.

7th September

I did remove almost all the bugs stopping the game from running but now i have a critical error which makes the game crash without an error message so im pretty much stuck at the moment :( ill post here if any more news comes up

21st August

Still trying to get rid of the bugs my code produces on A8 engine.

If anyone is wondering why i'm spending so much time trying to move the game to the new engine there's two reasons, one is it is much faster, and two is i get to upgrade my version of the game editor which gives me more features that i want to implement. Post-processing shaders like the bloom/blur effect and multiplayer is some of them.


9th August

Just to let everybody know i haven't abandoned this, i actually work on it everyday, but only for 2-3 hours though, I'm still trying to get it to work on A8, but i have some bugs that just won't go away. Check back here for any updates.


14th July

Please download the new A8 version and fill the survey below ASAP, the quicker i get feedback the faster i know whether to fix any A8 bugs or just stick with A7. Thanks!

How is the new A8 engine?
   It doesn't work, it crashes at the start
   It loads the menu, loads the game and then crashes
   It loads and the performance is much better, but it crashes sometimes
   The performance is much better and it never crashes


  View Results


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13th July

A8 BETA (unstable version) is uploading now


8th July

New 'test beta' will be up on Friday 8pm GMT, i put a countdown timer on the home page!


28th June

I'm gonna upload an unstable version of the game on the new engine to see how it runs on everyone's computer probably on Friday, i will put a comment box on a special BETA page so people can leave feedback.


22nd June

Where i am now....


14th June

Having a few problems with this new engine but i pinpointed it to be some kind of memory error.......

The main issue is it works sometimes and then other times it crashes on startup, so it's kinda hard to find the source of the problem.

But i won't give up now that i've seen how much faster it runs.


4th June 

Yea! i moved my game to the A8 engine alot quicker than expected! i still have a few bugs but it is 100% faster before at full resoution and draw distance it use to be 10-15fps now it runs at full speed!!! (30fps). This new engine appears to be using more than one core!

30th May

I'm back working on Streatham Hill Stories, thanks for all the feedback. According to the polls the biggest requirement is performance and then map size, i had to keep the map size small because of the performance so once i work on the performance i can extend the map. The only way i can get performance is to change from A7 engine to A8 which will take time so be patient. The next big release will be end of July or in August.