You know me

Verse 1

I'm still here, still doing my thing,

Been a busy few years, where do I begin?

I put my blood sweat and tears, in the projects I bring,

So there's no need to fear, cause I know imma win.

I do it (myself) best believe I don't ask for (no help)

I work my own time see, If you hate me or you like me,

Then go online and write me, if you feel like you can't find me,



You don't have to call or message me,

Look online you'll see my legacy,

7 albums yeah go and look it up,

I made Antz Technology, I run my own company,

Streatham Hill Stories got me in the news too,

97,000 views I got on YouTube,

Got a TV Station go and look it up,

So you don't need to ask for me, go out and Google me!




Anthony D Staines (23-04-2017)