Just got these paws on a couple stacks,

I keep that shit off shore I don't pay no tax,

Ain't got the time to sit and relax,

I'm turning up tonight right up to the max.

Ayyye, Just cause I'm celebrating payday,

Haters talking bout they wanna melee,

But when I see you, you tiptoe like you ballet,

I'm just out here making head way.


I'm dropping bombs cause I'm launching missiles,

They're landing in the lakes and they're causing ripples,

Leader of the pack like I'm Tommy Pickles,

Just copped the latest Mac just for kicks and giggles,

Ayyye, Such a great time to be alive,

I 'm out here getting mine ain't no 9-5,

When you're on your grind and that cash arrive,

Be fueling up your mind and pushing your drive.


They wanna front with hostility,

Becah they cannot stunt my ability,

I go and hunt with agility,

And now I got the Buzz to infinity!

Ayyye, Just in time for a fun weekend,

I topped up my account and I've come to spend,

Hitting all the clubs all around west end,

Living on a high y'all can't comprehend







Anthony D Staines (23-04-2017)