Night on the town


Verse 1

I don't care where I end up, as long as I'm enjoying my night,

Everything is going right,

And, I'm just living my best life,

Don't want no bad vibes in my space,

Only good vibes I embrace, yeah,

Living in a big city, is great cause there's so much I can see,

A big city never sleeps yeah,

There's something bout night time,

I love that there's no cars on the road everything is quiet mode, yeah,






I'm up for a night on the town,

Not one person can bring me down,

Too much excitement around,

For me to go round with a frown,

Out here dancing in the street,

Cutting shapes with my hands and my feet,

Don't bring your problems to me,

Cause right now I'm way too care free




Yeah, a night on the town,

We gonna do this all night long,,






Anthony D Staines (13-10-2018)