I Remember

Verse 1

How could I forget it was the best time ever,

Nothing else mattered when we were together,

You were the only thing I needed from this world,

Nothing could separate me from my girl,

The feelings were real and the love was strong,

You could never make mistakes you could never do wrong,

Although things have changed the memories won't fade,

I'll never forget the good life that we made.

Our relationship went south it was rough and fickle,

But we kept things good yeah we kept things civil,

We've agreed to remain great cordial friends,

And we'll keep it this way right till the end,

I remember the days when things were great,

When we both were in love when we both could relate,

No matter who I'm with you'll be on my mind,

Cause we had something special one of a kind.




I-I-I-I I I, I-I-I-I I I I remember

I-I-I-I I I, I-I-I-I I I I remember


Verse 2

I'll keep in memory the times that we had,

The ups and the downs yeah the good and the bad,

There's so many lessons that we both were taught,

The fact that we split up though who would've thought?

The times we were happy the times we were mad,

The hopes we would be somebodies mummy and dad,

At least we tried although it didn't work,

We still can be cool cause nobody got hurt,

Don't know what else to say it's all in the past,

Just replying to the question that you just asked,

I'll take to my grave the weeks and the days,

Our secrets and memories will be safe always,

No matter what happens no matter whats said,

No matter the bad thoughts in both of our heads,

We were perfect at one point there's no regret,

So our time together yep I won't forget.


Chorus X2





Anthony D Staines (03-02-2018)